[ Spoilers? Perhaps. WGS+ ]That simply as the name says. How powerful is the player character lore-wise? By that I mean, under certain RuneScape gold circumstances our personality can take harm from quite silly things, but when we concentrate on lore just, how powerful is that the World Guardian?I’ve not done any quest beyond Plague’s End so far, but know plenty about quests before me (thanks individuals who give spoilers without a warning). During ROTM, we see as Arrav fights each of the six Barrows Brothers. I believe that it’s made fairly clear for everyone that we could conquer Arrav into a pulp when our aim was not freeing him. However, during Rise of the Six (minigame), which we could solo, all the brothers are much more powerful and we engage the six of them concurrently.

We’ve faced and survived through impossible circumstances. Lore-wise, we conquered General Khazard, Kree’arra, K’ril Tsutsaroth, General Graardor, Enakhra, Zemouregal, Nomad, Char, Vanstrom Klause, Lord Drakan, two Tormented Demons, the Dark Lord, a god-like dragonkin (while some could say he was weakened, it really did not look like that to me) and Sliske (forgive me if I forgot something, but the majority of the above quests I finished many years ago, while others I’ve still to complete. Even in the beginning of our adventurer life we’ve defeated very strong creatures, for example Delrith (lore-wise supposedly powerful enough to destroy a town ) and Elvarg. How powerful is that the World Guardian in comparison to beings that are powerful?

So I understand Bandos brought them out of Yu’ buisk to struggle for him in the godwars but did he bring them to Gielinor? We know to attract people, Gnomes, Dwarfs, Fairies etc to Gielinor in the start of the 1st era, Guthix had to utilize the elder sword to produce the entire gate. Later after Guthix disappeared we understand Seren obtained a hold of the gate and used it to bring the elves to Gielinor. We know the elves had it until it was take by Zaros at the start of the 2nd age as that is how they obtained the crystals for their city and weapons. Zaros utilized the gate easily, and to deliver the Vyre into Gielinor explore realms. We know the gate was concealed in the shadow kingdom around this time, so did Bandos utilize buy rs 3 gold? Can he use it? Did Bandos bring many goblins etc to fight at the age Godwars for him?