I do not want this to be a discussion thread, only as a notification.For those who are oblivious RuneScape gold, in 2010 throughout a movie made with a Mod Sam J concerning the audio of Jagex, a map was glimpsed for a couple of seconds. This was classified as a leak on the wiki but nobody understood exactly what it meant. A few weeks ago I’d noticed there was a section on a post of the unofficial wiki talking about unknown areas, relating to a continent north of morytania which was not Fossil Island, and left a thread asking folks about it. Some had educated me that it may be related to the map leak and this renewed my interest in it enough to take it. A couple of the mods Couldn’t recognize it, but after a Couple of weeks, Mod Stu recognized it as a map from one of the generations of Stellar Morning, an upcoming game that’s been in development for a long long time.I wanted to spread the word to those still curious after all these years, even if possible take off it the unofficial wiki, we know what it’s now.I hope this has brought close to a lot of you

There’s a miniature blisterwood tree within Drakan’s room, it turns out that he was able to plant out of the blisterwood from darkmeyer. So Vansecula likely lied about us not being able to plant another. We actually CAN do it, infact I wonder why we couldnt steal the blisterwood mini and take it to varrock? We could also make a replica of a tree such as Drakan did and place it someplace in Varrock. Then the military of misthalin will have full access to blisterwood weapons.Another way we can do rs2007 gold it’s find out just how sunspear is forged. We reveal the knowledge to Roald and the leader of the army once we do. When protecting against the meiyerditch all of varrock will be equipped with sunspear weapons