Sample Commercial Marketing Campaign- Restaurants


Description:  All restaurants in the town of Town, State, Zip code
 Objective:  A. Brief 15-20 minute estimate
                    B. Collect information and qualify interest level
                    C. Put in category and create follow up campaign
Prospect:  All restaurants, cafe, food service
Geography: Town, state Zip codes
Size: any size
Industry: restaurants
Contact Person: General manager, assistant manager, kitchen manager
Services offered: Tile and grout, restroom steam.
Packages:  2x year, 4x and 6x
Min every 6 months
Value Proposition: Sanitize restrooms, steam clean tile, RESEALING grout
Total Businesses: 247
Frequency: Door to Door canvassing 4x year
Mail postcard 2x
Email campaign 4x  when available
Door To Door
988 total visits
Shift of 4 hours/ average 20 visits per shift
50 Days
1 Shift per week early morning before lunch rush
Costs: Door to Door 50 days x 4 hours day= 200 labor hours
200 hours x $15 hour = $3000
Postcards- 494 x .70 cents each = $345
Email- set up time 2 hours at $15 hour= $30
Total campaign cost= $3,375
ROI Goal– 1:10 over a year
$35k revenue
Average $1200 year per customer
30 programs
At 75% closing rate need around 40 appointments set


  1. Ryan vandergraaf

    Keep it coming thank you this is a great presentation. I love how detailed it is where everything is broken down!

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